About Isabelle

In 1994, ISABELLE(Taiwan) Co., Ltd. was established and its talented staff was from the fields of business operation, planning, and R&D. They imported the latest marketing strategies and production facilities from abroad as well as innovation and developing products with customer orientation. Because of its design feature in products and packages and precise image position amongst target consumers, ISABELLE quickly reformed the domestic conception of biscuit gifts and started a new trend after entering the niche market. It became a leading brand in the Western-style biscuit gift market within two years.

In 1997, in order to satisfy further the market demand for Chinese-style pastries, puddings and biscuit gifts, ISABELLEUa'rwan) Co., Ltd. formed its second own brand, EMPEROR, At the same time, it opened 10 company-run outlets throughout the island and this brand received positive feedback from customers. It quickly became a major brand in the Chinese-style bakery industry.

We present an exquisite biscuit gift box.

In 2004, Mr Ohtake, a Japanese leading master in the baking arena, imparted his vast knowledge of baking technology to the staff in lSABELLE(Taiwan) Co., Ltd. and authorized them to run an OKURAYA production line and produce and sell Japanese-style cakes and biscuits. Since then, lSABELE(Taiwan) Co, LtdA has had three different brands, namely Japanese-style OKURAYA, French-style ISABELLE and Chinese-style EMPEROR¬ Later, it built overseas marketing networks and introduced its products to the customers there. With diverse cultural styles and distinguishing features, those products gave great satisfaction to customers worldwide.

Over the past years, ISABELLE(Taiwan) has become a byword for excellent brand and quality assurance It once won the gold medal for biscuit gift boxes in Taiwan and obtained a certificate in ISO9001-2000 in 2001. Furthermore, it was elected as an ideal brand and best-selling one amongst domestic consumers.

Now, there are 8 full-automatic production facilities in ISABELLE (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. and the production capacity can reach 16,000 boxes or more a day. The total number of its current employees is over 600 and the proportion is as follows: 48% for central production, 40% for marketing, regional production, warehousing and distribution, 7% for planning and administration, and 5% for research and development. With the experts in biotechnology and clinical nutrition, ISABELLE (Taiwan) Coi, has firmly rooted itself in the niche market Taiwan and forged ahead towards globalized and diversified.