Message from CEO

Since the establishment of ISABELLE (Taiwan) Co., Ltd, we, all the personnel of the company, have devoted ourselves to the pursuit of innovative technology and superb quality in terms of the products as well as the provision customer centricity and warmest hospitality in terms of services. For us, the combination of high-quality products and satisfactory customer services is the cornerstone of firmly rooting ourselves in the niche market in Taiwan and continued operation.

As the leading brand of exquisite biscuit gift boxes, ISABELLE (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. not only wins customer's hearts with delicious pastries, puddings and cakes, but also creates a distinctive style and brand culture on the basis of improvement in health. 

In addition, the rapid success in Taiwan and the demands from overseas markets gives impetus to our expansion program worldwide. We invest more capital and manpower for research and development and deliberately turn to the biotechnology in and attempt to build up a modern biotech baking industry.

Nowadays, our three brands, namely ISABELLE, EMPEROR and OKURAYA, have quickly become the leading brands in the keenly competitive mainstream market in Taiwan and this phenomenon offered us a convincing vision tor the future With innovative technology and our every effort, we are confident that more customers throughout the world will be familiar with our products in the foreseeable future.

A chronology of events in ISABELLE (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

02.1994 - Established a preparatory office of ISABELLE (Taiwan) Co . Ltd
06.1994 - Production Division finished the construction of Factory 1 and activated its production.
08.1994 - Opened l1 company-run outlets for ISABELLE products in Taiwan.
07.1995 - Production Division finished the construction of Factory 2 and activated its production
08.1995 - Opened 23 more company-run outlets for ISABELLE products in Taiwan.
06.1997 - Formed EMPEROR production line and the Production Division finished another expansion program
08.1997 - Opened 10 company-run outlets form EMPEROR products in Taiwan.
02.1999 - Established OVERSEAS Business Department
07.2001 - Purchased a base for the new headquarters ISABELLE (Taiwan) Co.. Ltd. in Taichung and obtained a certificate in ISO9001-2000
12.2001 - Held a ground-breaking ceremony for the new headquarters of ISABELLE (Taiwan) Co,. Ltd in Taichung.
04.2002 - Completed the purchase of a Shanghai Factory in Shanghai Putuo Chang Zheng industrial Zone in mainland China.
05.2002 - Completed and moved into the new headquarters in Taichung.
08.2002 - Opened a branch in Shanghai city in mainland China
12.2002 - Completed the construction of the headquarters building in Taichung.
02.2003 - Opened another branch in Xiamen in mainland China
07.2003 - Obtained a certificate in Food GMP
12.2004 - Formed OKURAYA production line.
03.2005 - Obtained a certificate in HACCP.
12.2007 - Obtained a certificate in HALAL