Five main niche marketing channels

1.Wedding Biscuit Gift Boxes
There are three major brands under ISABELLE(Taiwan) Co., Ltd. and Chinese style, French style and Japanese style are all included. In addition to original retail outlets, it also developed a new e-shopping system and low-temperature delivery system. Both of these successfully established high-effciency marketing and mad ISABELLE(Taiwan) Co., Ltd. leading brand amongst domestic consumers.


2.Moon Cakes
With the appeal of low fat, low sugar and low cholesterol, ISABELLE(Taiwan) Co., Ltd. added charms to traditional moon cakes and gave them with “French romantic attraction”, “healthiness & vitality” and “stylishness”.


3.Biscuit Gift Boxes for Celebrating One-Month-Old Babies or Festivals
ISABELLE(Taiwan) Co., Ltd. supplies cake for those customers who want to celebrate one-month-old babies, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or  Mother’s Day. It presents diversified products with unique designs and various choices in flavor, such as Chinese glutinous oil rice, European-style cake and Japanese cakes.


4. General Cakes and Biscuits
The general cakes and biscuits from ISABELLE(Taiwan) Co., Ltd. are available in wholesalers, markets or counter retailers. Besides, they include hand-made chocolate and aftermoon snacks.

5. Export Biscuit Gift Boxes and Functional Food
ISABELLE(Taiwan) Co., Ltd. has successfully exended its distribution network to overseas markets. Its functional health food series and exquisite biscuit gift boxes were well received in the United States and Canada had positive feedback from customers worldwide.